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The World Music Festival was held in Innsbruck, Austria from May 30th to June 2nd, where 387 ensembles and orchestras competed to be crowned the best in the world.  The  Accora Youth Orchestra led by musical director Yvonne Chilton scooped the top prize in the Akkordeon-Orchester Schuler Elementarstufe (Accordion Orchestra Kids Elementary Level), while the Accora Senior Orchestra led by musical director, John Chilton, were awarded 1st with an Outstanding standard in the Akkordeon-Ensemble mit Dirigent erwachsene Oberstufe (Accordion Ensemble with Conductor Adults Advanced Level). 


The Accora Youth Orchestra performed Suite Contraire by Hermann Illenberger on Saturday morning in Messe Theatre. The young musicians, ranging in age from 9-19 years, performed 4 movements of the piece without sheet music.  The jury complemented their musical director Yvonne Chilton on tutoring these young children to such a high standard and were blown away by the way they followed her direction to such perfection. 


The Senior Orchestra performed Variations on an Original Theme by Eddie Harris and arranged by their musical director John Chilton. The Jury was again very complimentary of the standard and in particular John Chilton’s arrangement of this very well-known piece and the way it was executed to perfection. 


40 people including musicians, families and supporters travelled to Innsbruck, Austria for this prestigious event that included competing orchestras from Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, Austria, Moldova, United Kingdom, and Spain.     


Here is a link to the Senior Orchestra's winning performance from the World Music Festival June 1st 2019  


Here is a link to our Youth Orchestra's winning performance from the World Music Festival June 1st 2019 

       About Accora orchestra 



  • Castletown Accordion Orchestra changed their name to Accora Orchestra in May 2018. The orchestra changed the name of the orchestra as they had moved the location of the orchestra and wanted a name that wasn't geographical and that could be used worldwide. The name was developed by the children, committee and a design company. Accora is taken from the first 5 letters of the word 'accordion' and it's a play on a chara, a chairde, a chorus, which the children felt was the ethos of the orchestra. Accora Orchestra was originally formed in 1981 as a marching band.

  • They were successful winning national titles and taking part in a European Tour.

  • In 1993, the current musical director, John Chilton took over and changed the band to an accordion orchestra.

  • They have won numerous titles at All Ireland level and at other national events held throughout the country including the Northern Ireland Open Accordion Championships.

  • Individual members have won numerous solo, duet and ensemble competitions 



  • The Orchestra has travelled to Scotland, England, Spain, Italy, The Czech Republic and Austria taking part in various festivals.

  • To date their most impressive achievements have been:-

    • Winning Akkordeon-Orchester Schuler Elementarstufe (Accordion Orchestra Kids Elementary Level), and Akkordeon-Ensemble mit Dirigent erwachsene Oberstufe (Accordion Ensemble with Conductor Adults Advanced Level) at the World Music Festival in May of 2019.

    • Winning the International Accordion Days in Prague Festival at 2 levels Under 19 Orchestra & Light Music Section in November of 2016

    • Winning the European Accordion Championships in Prague in April 2006

    • In 2007 they travelled to Innsbruck, Austria, where the Senior Orchestra were placed 2nd out of 30 and the Junior Orchestra were placed 3rd out of 11 at the World Accordion Championships.

    • In March 2008 the orchestra returned to Prague were they were placed 2nd in the Junior Section and 5th in the light Music Section coming up against some very experienced orchestras.

    • In 2010 after 3 stunning performances on returning to the World Accordion Championships, the 3 orchestras were placed in the top 10 in their sections 

    • In 2013 at the World Accordion Championships in Innsbruck, Austria, after another outstanding performance, two of the orchestras were placed in the top 4 in their sections. They are moving up in the ranking each time they compete.

    • In 2014 the orchestras travelled to 39th International Competition Pula, Croatia were they  competed at  three levels in:

      • Chamber ensemble

      • Under 15 Orchestral Section

      • Under 19 Orchestral section

      • They brought home trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

4 Orchestras and over 75 Musicians

  • There are currently 4 Orchestras.

    • The Beginner Orchestra, conducted by Sara Brennan

    • The Primary Orchestra, conducted by John Chilton

    • The Junior Orchestra, conducted by Sara Brennan

    • The Senior Orchestra, conducted by John Chilton.

Individual lessons are also part of the offering from the Accora Orchestra

  • The Mini Musicians are taught by Karen Smyth

  • The Recorder Group are taught by Karen Smyth

  • The beginners are taught by Samantha Sheridan and Karen Smyth

  • The Grade 1 & 2 students and ensembles are taught by Sara Brennan, Samantha Sheridan & John Chilton

  • The Grade 3 & above students are taught by John Chilton and Sara Brennan


We are always looking for new members.

  • If you would like to enrol your child – or yourself – email us (click here)   
    Include your name, phone number
    and students name and we will get back to you 


  • Over 70 members in 4 orchestras from Beginners to Advanced

  • Instruction by fully qualified teachers

  • Instruments taught are recorder, accordion and percussion

  • Opportunities for exams, competitions, great friends and foreign travel

  • Interested in joining?

  • Please contact us by Phone 046-9245905/087-9949006 or fill in contact form and we will get back to you!!


Our Teachers are highly trained and skilled musicians and include:


John Chilton

Sara Brennan

Samantha Sheridan

Karen Smyth

Clare Martyn

Lessons - Venue & Times:

Lessons are held in St. Killian's Primary School, Mullagh, Co.Cavan each Friday evening. 

If you own an accordion the fee is €11 per child per week, 
Children need an accordion to practice on.

However, if you don't have an accordion we will provide your child with one for just €5 per week capped at 150 euro.

Registration is taken by filling in registration form on our registration tab above. You can also call Sara Brennan on 087-7842430 or you can come down to St. Killian's Primary School, Virginia Road, Mullagh on Friday's between 5 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.  Mini Musicians class is for junior infants children, Recorder class is for senior infants children and our Accordion & Percussion classes are suitable for children from 1st class upwards..






















Austria 2019

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